How do I make an order and what is the general rule?

  • All DELIVERY order from Hungry Alex is PRE-ORDER only, so you need to place delivery order before 5pm for next day delivery, except items from Annie Makes Cakes needs to be ordered 2 days before, please contact the store directly if you need it urgent. We deliver from Monday to Friday (5 days/week). Store needs to be open at your nominated delivery date.

Can you help me create the order?

If you have any issue making an order online, just send us SMS to 0492 999 517 with your order details and we will take it from there. 

Is there a minimum order amount?

For DELIVERY order, the minimum order is $50 per stores

How do I know that my order is being processed by the store?

You will get notification of your order status and when it is changing:
1. Processing: After you place an order at the Checkout and your payment has been charged successfully, your order status is “Processing” meaning that your order is STILL waiting confirmation from your store. 

2. Order Confirmed: This means “Store has confirmed and is processing your order”. Your order can not be changed at this stage, except to partially/fully refund your order.
3. Completed: This means “Store has made your order and ready to be delivered/picked up”

Your order can also have other status:
– Failed: Order is failed due to issue in processing your payment. You have not been charged any payment yet.
– Cancelled: Order is cancelled by Hungry Alex for a reason, while your order was “On Hold” and you have not been charged any payment yet.
– Refunded: Order is fully refunded by Hungry Alex for a reason.


Can you deliver to my area?

We can deliver up to 50 km from our base at Alexandria. Please enter your address and check our delivery coverage from here

How do you calculate the delivery fee?

Standard delivery fee will be split into 5 zones:
1. Zone A : delivery fee is $9.80
2. Zone B : delivery fee is $14.80
3. Zone C: delivery fee is $20.80
4. Zone D: delivery fee is $29.80
5. Zone S: delivery fee is $39.80

Distance is calculated between your postcode and our base at Alexandria, NSW 2015.

Delivery is for Monday-Friday only.

What time will you arrive to my place for delivery?

When you choose “Standard or FREE Delivery”, Hungry Alex will deliver anytime between 12am – 6pm according to our best route for the day.

What is Special Delivery option?

When you choose “Special Delivery” option this allows you to choose one of these delivery time slots:  12pm – 2pm , 2pm – 4pm , 4pm – 6pm between Monday to Friday. This feature will cost $14.8 extra in addition to your “Standard Delivery”. You can specify the delivery time at the Checkout.

What happen if I were not at home when your driver arrived?

Our driver will try to contact your mobile number and get permission to leave your order near your door or other safe location.

If you are NOT contactable on your mobile after 5 mins, then we will leave your order near your door or other safe location and we will send you a message with the photo of your order at the location For cakes order, it will be returned to our depot and stored in the freezer, there will be extra charge for delivering your order again, please contact us for this matter.

Do you offer FREE delivery?

Free delivery is available for all orders above $50 (November special promotion) from ONE store, available from Monday – Friday for Delivery Zone A-D.

Communication & Contact

Who should I contact if I made a mistake in my order and want to modify it?

  • When your order status is still at “On Hold”, please contact Hungry Alex to modify your order.
  • When your order status is already at “Processing”, please contact the Store directly by phone to cancel some items or fully refund your order if the store accepted your reason. The store will process the refund directly in the Hungry Alex Store app by submitting a refund request.

Who should I contact for any issues with payment?

For any payment issues, please contact Hungry Alex.

Who should I contact for any other issues with my DELIVERY order?

For delivery order, you must contact Hungry Alex for these type of issues:
– Your received wrong product
– Any delivery issues such as changing delivery time
– Complaint about the delivery service or product quality or packaging

How do I contact Hungry Alex?

Please check our contact us page,  our Support Hours: Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

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